Art bike invasion Project is not only about art bikes invading the local environment and casual life of people in Lithuania by co-creating an act of gifting and performance. This is an actual positive invasion of burner culture into our Default World.

Lithuanian burners are inviting everyone to engage the Default world and show what Burning Man culture and principles are about. We like talking on how Burning Man has changed our lives, how wonderful it is.. and still it is hard to pass it fully for other people. Instead trying to explain it using words&pictures we want to create something as an example on what burners are capable of and Art bike invasion is a great platform for that – as we see it.


We want to bring our experience, love and things we have been gifted on the Playa through a collaborative action which involves gifting, self expression and communal effort. Playa bikes, workshops and parade is just a chosen form through which we see an opportunity to change the local environment in Lithuania and deliver message to the Default world thus change it a bit this way. Art bike invasion is a story, mission and a true adventure for us if you want to learn why – please check our story.