Who did that to my bike? event

We're planning to organize art bike workshops for kids from Lithuania and the parade as burner event on June of the 2017 on the seaside of Lithuania.

Currently we have connected with organizations like: schools/art schools, orphanages, organizations that work with kids who won their fight against cancer and other institutions which expressed their interest in this project and are inclined to support it and help us organize workshops for kids. During our workshops every participating kid will learn how to clean and repair their future bike, then we will show and teach them how to fix LED’s, El-wire and decorate/equip their bicycle using digital fabrication machines like: Laser cutter, Plotter, CNC and 3D printers - provided by M-Lab mobile fab-lab project crew (BTW all of them are burners and they call themselves Raccoon Lab :). Thus kids would learn new interesting skills, get hands-on experience, participate in the largest Art bike parade held in Lithuania ever and then receive their first Playa bike at the end.

Having 300 bikes and a charity project for kids does open a lot of doors here in Lithuania. So we hope that in two-three months we’ll be able to announce the location and more details on how people can participate.  We have just been offered a school, culture house and museum spaces in Dreverna - please see the video from our visit there. The art bike workshops will start in Vilnius from January until end of May, then the major part of bikes will be transported to Dreverna. We're looking forward of having 3 weeks of art bike workshops with local and kids brought by other organizations - starting from June 2017 and finishing with the parade/festival (burner event) before Summer solstice.

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