How it all started?

Who did that to my bike?

Since 2013, Lithuanian burner community is organizing Art bike workshops and annual Parade called “Who did that to my bike?” in Vilnius. Riding Art bikes is something that we like to do as it is a very nice way to make people smile and wave you back – creating these small and simple positive vibrations in our town, local society and environment.

Lithuania is a post-soviet country and that has implications in every aspect of living here. A mere 25 years ago people were forced to fear their countrymen: actual quotas of numbers of people to be exiled to Siberia had to be met annually so the intimidated people would give in easier to control. Self expression was non existent except deeply underground. One could be taken away from their family for a minor quip – and snitching was rewarded – mostly by the false sense of security for your own close ones.

It’s been getting a lot better, but the change is not as organic as you’d think. Lots of young people dedicate their lives to improve various aspects of life here – ranging from political and economical to social – and a huge motivator for every one of us is the love and positive things we want to gift to an unfairly treated people and our society.




Working on the Playa

Some of us have been longtime volunteers for BM GPE and DPW departments and were are used to spending 2, 3 or even more weeks on the Playa. Coming for early build and staying after- making sure that No Trace is Left. Last year we worked  with an awesome DPW Yellow bikes project crew by helping to load a lot of abandoned bikes and this is where the idea of bringing some of these bikes to Lithuania to do the Parade came from!



Our story so far

After each Burning Man hundreds of pre-loved bikes are donated to Yellow bikes project by some burners who don’t need their Playa bike anymore and bring it to the Yellow bikes shop. There are also, inevitably, bikes which are left on the playa by irresponsible people or by people who just lost their bike and are not coming back looking for it before the deadline of Lost and Found.

After that bikes become MOOP which Burning Man Organization has to take care of and this is where we came to help by taking some of the bikes and bringing them off the Playa and finally delivering them across the ocean to Lithuania.

This year we were accepting bike donations at BWB, our Lituanica Birds camp and Yellow bikes shop and after the event and Lost and Found day we had collected 300 of them.

And this is where our bike story and adventure starts! – please check Timeline of Events if you want to see it all covered.



Black Rock City, NV -> Gerlach, NV -> New Washoe City, NV -> Los Angeles, CA-> Klaipėda, LT->Vilnius, LT

0 miles (0 km)
Black Rock City –
Collecting bikes from the Playa;
Loading U-Hole* truck and half of the 48ft trailer with bikes


17 miles (27 km)
Gerlach –


getting for a stop in Gerlach

143 miles (230 km)
New Washoe City, NV –
Unloading U-Hole truck and later half of the 48 ft trailer;
Loading P**** truck, and 6×12 U-Hole trailer


597 miles (960 km)
Los Angeles –
Unloading P**** truck and  U-Hole trailer
Loading 300 bikes to 40 ft shipping container


5800 miles (9334 km)
Klaipėda, LT –
Going through the customs arrangements and organizing logistics of container to Vilnius


186 miles (300 km)
Vilnius, LT –
Unloading 300 bikes/40ft container@ LinkMenų fabrikas – University art&design space