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We‘re asking you to help us and donate for this cause but actually there‘s more:
we see it as a burner event and performance and sometimes call it an open source project - we want to share everything we've learned and went through so far and as well ask people to join and give their input to this project.

Advice, help, a useful tip or direct participation - everything counts. So we are inviting burners, makers or other crazy and enthusiastic bike loving people - like us - to come, join us and help co-create this awesome performance and hand in hand invade our local cultural environment as well the Default world with the principles of Gifting, Self-expression and other that are a vital part in culture of Burning Man.

What we are looking for the moment is:

  • a large playground for a period from 2 weeks to one month and the seaside of Lithuania is one of the most wanted options (found it! please check our "future plans")
  • a place to camp/sleep for larger number of people with a burner friendly environment
  • a space where we can settle down with the bikes and set-up a workshop area
  • or/and the place where kids can stay and the workshops for them can be held
  • organizations who are willing to bring kids for workshops
  • People who would love to join and help co-create this burner project

Transportation of bikes from BRC (Playa) to Vilnius (Lithuania)

At the moment we need funds to cover costs for the storage and bike transportation from Playa to Lithuania (please see costs breakdown below).
As we truly and sincerely believe in this project we did something that seemed impossible for a lot of people. We gifted our time, physical and mental energy to get the bikes from the Playa to L.A., loaded them onto the 40 ft container and shipped them to Lithuania.
During the process we had made some decisions that were not based on rational planning but more on the resources (financial, time and people) that we had at that moment thus now we see that it we could’ve done better. Maybe with a little less costs or some of them could have been optimized but we really did not have choice at the time and we did our best. People/burners who saw what we are doing and how hard we were trying helped us a lot. Some hosted and fed us and/or let us use their backyard for bikes, some helped to load and others lended the money when we need it very much - please see our Timeline to learn the story so far.

At the moment we would like show what are the main costs merged with other smaller expenses though if you understand and have experience or dealt with similar shipping/logistics - you can see that we’re rolling pretty good. 


Transportation of 300 bikes from Playa to Reno then to L.A. and from L.A. to Lithuania, Klaipėda - 6000 USD

Transportation from Klaipėda harbor to storage location in Vilnius and harbor fees - 600 USD

Storage, local logistics and other costs - approx. 1000 USD

Other costs - approx. 500 USD

We understand that there will be other expenditures but having 300 bikes already in our disposal we are able to work out other options and get funding (i.e. public grant) for the event and workshops that we plan on June of the next year. What we need most for now is to return our debt for shipping and logistics and this is where we believe that people can help.

Our donation counter and report will display all the money we’ve managed to fundraise so far and we'll update it later on.  

You can donate using the form below, or directly transfer funds to:



Direct debit:

VšĮ Degantis žmogus

AB “Swedbank”



We are using 100% of donations received to cover shipping, storing, materials & paid services or other Art bike invasion project related costs.

Unless you explicitly ask otherwise, direct donators will be included in the public list below with their first name and donation amount.

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Target: $8000

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Our lovely donors ❤️

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